Personal finance can cover anything from the following:

  • Holidays

  • Small renovations

  • Debt consolidation like combining credit card debt and other loans

  • Motor vehicles

  • Weddings

  • Garden sheds

  • Motor Bikes

  • Jet Skis

  • Boats

Personal finance as the word suggests is for personal needs, rather than using this sort of loan to purchase a motor vehicle for your business.

A personal loan can be used for any number of reasons such as holidays, weddings or managing your cash requirements with consolidating debts, motor bikes and jet skis.  Personal loans can provide you with fixed interest rate options and variable rate options.  Usually the maximum term for a Personal Loan is 7 years.

There is another sort of loan known as a consumer equipment loan – often a cheaper option to a personal loan when purchasing a motor vehicle, jet ski, or boat.  Consumer loans are secured loans so are only suitable for items that can be taken as security such as a motor vehicles, jet ski or boat.

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