Some of the different types of Business Finance available through SD Loans & Leasing are:

  • Cash Flow Finance
  • Business Loans

  • Commercial Property Loans

  • Overdrafts

  • Business Lines of Credit

Commercial Real Estate Loans & Business Acquisition Finance

SD Loans & Leasing offers Business Finance Loans and Commercial Finance solutions tailored to your needs from a choice of Australia’s top commercial lenders. We can provide finance for most commercial property transactions from the simple to the complex.
Accredited SD Loans & Leasing professionals can assist with commercial lending scenarios that include the following:

  • Purchasing a commercial property

  • Purchasing a business

  • Business acquisition

  • Purchasing a franchise

  • Property developments

  • Construction of a commercial property

  • Refurbishment of a commercial property

  • Come and go facility for business operations

This type of finance can be a mixture of the above and can also include equipment finance at the same time.  At SD Loans and Leasing we specialize in taking the hard work out of getting your finance, so customers like you can continue to run their business.

The finance can be structured over various terms up to 30 years depending on the purpose.  The loans can be interest only or principle and interest repayments and the loans can be fixed or variable rates or a combination of both.

We act as your commercial finance agent to help you structure the deal correctly and inform you each step of the way.  We help you obtain market competitive rates from a choice of commercial lenders and provide comparisons with each of the lenders which will save you time and resources.

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Cash Flow Finance

This facility is also known as Debtor finance, and or factoring. This facility provides a flexible and cost effective line of credit. It provides funding of up to 90% of the value of your debtor’s ledger. You may draw funds as required and interest is charged only on what you utilize thus providing a flexible funding package that reacts to the changing cash needs of a growing business.

This facility is ideal for those businesses who are cash strapped and don’t have enough equity in property to meet the growing needs of their business. The facility is secured by the book debts.

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