A low doc car loan is a car finance option available to business car loan applicants and for self employed customers. Essentially, you do not need to provide payslips or financial statements to obtain a low doc car loan..

Benefits of a Low Doc Car Loan

  • Quick approval
  • Do not have to provide financial statements or pay slips

  • No need to disclose financial data

  • Able to protect your financial position

Who can apply for a low doc car loan?

Low doc car loans are available for business client subject to meeting the following conditions:

  • Passenger cars or commercial vehicles up to 3 tonnes

  • Maximum loan amount of $70000
  • New and used vehicles up to 4 years old

  • Must be from a licensed dealership

  • ABN for a minimum of 2 years

  • Must have equity in real estate property or have a deposit of 30% towards purchase

  • Clear CRAA report and sound repayment history

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Low Doc Car Loans